Please browse our products below. With our extensive range of Hardware, E-liquid and accessories, we're sure you will not be disappointed.

Starter Kits

We have a great selection of cost effective starter kits for those that are looking for their first electronic cigarette.

Intermediate Devices

Devices best suited for people who want a bit more power than a starter kit, but aren't quiet ready for an advanced kit

Advanced Kits

Looking for that little bit extra? Take a look at our advanced kits, with bigger batteries, bigger tanks and variable power.


EXPERIENCED USERS ONLY High power Multiple batteries Advanced settings


We have a huge selection of e-liquids that is ever growing. From your basic tobacco flavours right through to “unicorn puke” we have something for everyone.

Tanks and Drippers

We have a great selection of tanks in all shapes and sizes from disposables to evods, sub ohm and everything in between.

Batteries and Chargers

From regular ego style batteries to spinners and 18650 we have them all in here.


Need some wire? Cotton? Tool kit? Ohms reader? Tank band? Lipo bag? Battery wrap? Come and take a look